Joining reports format

According to NATO directions NCISS started JADL (Joint Advanced Distributed Learning) program producing and releasing on line courses and pre-study materials.


Since some of the NCISS courses have as prerequisites the knowledge of some basic subject matters, (see table below) NCISS has started to produce on-line (ADL) pre-study material. The knowledge of the course prerequisites allows all students in a class to be at the same level, consequently improving the effectiveness of the course. The ADL Joining Instructions lists the procedures for Training Coordinators and students.


Training Coordinators should inform students if their course has an ADL pre-requisite, and advise them to register to the online pre-study course (See procedures below). A month before the course at NCISS, the NCISS ADL Manager will send out an email to notify students that they have to register to the course needed (info TC). Two weeks before the course, another email will be sent out to students and Training Coordinators who have NOT registered to the course.


1. Launch your Internet Browser.

2. Type the following address in your address bar:

3. When you are on the ACT Portal, click on NATO COURSES.

4. You will now have to click on REGISTRATION FORM.

5. Once you have filled out the form scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the REGISTER button.

6. You will now receive a message.

7. After 48 hrs you will receive an e-mail that confirms your access.

8. At this point log into the ACT Portal,

9. Click on NATO COURSES.

10. This time you will click on LOG IN.

11. Enter your USER NAME and PASSWORD.

12. Once logged in click on the NATO ADL link.

13. Under categories click Courses by NATO Education Facilities (NEF) and Centers of Excellence (CoE) Nato.

14. Click on NATO Communications and Information Systems School.

15. Click on the JOIN button next to the name of the course that you have to attend.

If the student does not know how to use ILIAS (Learning Management System) he/she can join the ILIAS introduction course, which is available on our repository, this course is open. The following table shows the courses held in NCISS, which have an ADL prerequisite. The ADL prerequisites courses are listed in the right column.