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NCISS Commandant

This post is filled by a Portuguese Army Colonel. However, in the past it was covered also by Officers from other Nations. The name Commandant was first adopted when Mr Robert J. Pinoteau, a contractor first and then a NATO civilian who was a former French Navy Commandant, was appointed as the first Training Facility Director, in 1964. Since then, also when in 1971 the School was under the responsibility of the first military Colonel (Col. RNLA Theodore De Bie) the name has remained, also due to the fact that, being the School hosted in an Italian Air Force Base, in Italian language the appontment of the responsible of a military Unit is pronounced "Comandànte".

The Chief of Staff (COS) and Command Group area

They are responsible of the coordination of the activities assigned to the two Branches of the School, and take care of the planning and policy, either for works and for the training aspects. Additionally they also manage the System Approach to Training (SAT) methodology.

The Training Branch

Core business of the School, the Training Branch is responsible for all training aspects at NCISS. It is composed of a Training Management office, responsible for the student administration, and the instructors are divided into some specific Subject Matter Expert Pools.

The Support Branch

As far as the support to a typical military Unit is concerned, this is taken care of by the Support Branch. Its area of responsibilty covers mainly financial, logistics, security, Information Technology and Personnel aspects.