About Us - QA Policy

The purpose of quality assurance within NCISS, is to create planned systematic activities in a quality system to ensure when delivering training solutions or services to stakeholders it meets the requirements for quality in NATO Education and Training. The objective of quality assurance is the continual improvement of the entire curriculum process to enhance quality, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

Essentially, quality assurance describes the two principles included in quality assurance: “Fit for Purpose” (the product and services are suitable for the intended purpose), and “Right first Time” (mistakes should be eliminated through the forward thinking and planning of resources, materials, and personnel.


  1. When quality assurance is well-implemented, progressive improvement, regarding the reduction of errors and oversight and increasing product transfer of training and fit for purpose should be obvious.
  2. Quality assurance will function as a “voice” for the customer who expects NCISS to offer sustainable high quality and consistent value to NATO Education and Training
  3. Quality assurance programme is a smooth functioning, well documented and established system that develops continuously to ensure NCISS operations meet NATO accepted quality standards