Business with NCISS - Notice for inscription in list of suppliers:

NCISS Latina intends to institute the new List of Suppliers as an instrument for the identification of the Firms qualified to supply goods and services for an amount not exceeding Euro 136,000.00 (excluding  sales tax).

For this reason the interested Firms can download relative forms and instructions and sent completely filled to the following address:  NCISS Latina, Purchasing & Contracting Section, Via Chiesuola n. 78, 04010 Borgo Piave (LT).

The present notice is published for firms who would like to be inserted in the NCISS List of Suppliers. However, it is to be noted that insertion in the List of Suppliers does not constitute the right to gain the provision of supplies, work and services, and NCISS Latina is not at all bound to the Firm.  All the requests that have arrived before the date of the present notice, and which have been prepared in a different format must be re-submitted in accordance with the indications laid down in the present notice.

This notice refers to an "open" List of Suppliers, for which there are no time limits for the submission of requests. The list will be updated monthly based on the requests received.

Further information or clarifications can be requested at the NCISS, Contracts Section
Tel. +39.0773677009.

Class and Categories

Category n.1: equipment and audiovisual and photographic productsdescription
1.1 television video recorder and accessories
1.2 equipment - high quality stereophonic installations and accessories
1.3 photographic equipment and accessories
1.4 projectors - luminous blackboards and accessoriesCategory

n.2: technical/scientific equipment - measuring instrumentsdescription
2.1 equipment for environment survey and control
2.2 equipment for topographic survey
2.3 clocks and measuring instruments
2.4 weighing instruments
2.5 equipment for scientific and scholastic laboratoriesCategory

n. 3: hygienic-sanitary products and material for cleaningdescription
3.1 detersive detergents and disinfectants
3.2 equipment for cleaning
3.3 auxiliary articles for hygienic and service room
3.4 pharmaceutical products - Para pharmaceutical and sanitaryCategory

n. 4: articles and materials for repairs and maintenance description
4.1 electric material
4.2 telephonic material
4.3 electronic materialCategory

n. 5: packing articlesdescription
5.1 bags and sacks
5.2 boxes and containersCategory

n. 6: ant accident equipment and materialdescription
6.1 first aid equipment and products
6.2 ant fire equipment and materialCategory

n. 7: informatic equipmentdescription
7.1 electronic elaborates
7.2 personal computers
7.3 printers
7.4 informatic accessories and productsCategory

n. 8: stationerydescription
8.1 office stationery articles
8.2 technical office articles
8.3 stampsCategory

n. 9: paperdescription
9.1 office paper
9.2 office machine paper
9.3 ecological paperCategory

n. 10: machines - equipment and installationsdescription
10.1 electrical equipment
10.2 plumbing and thermo plumbing equipment 
10.3 telephonic and cell phone equipment
10.4 air conditioners - acclimatizers
10.5 safety and alarm devices

Category n. 11: offive machinedescription
11.1 calculators
11.2 photocopiers
11.3 fax
11.4 other office machinesCategory

n. 12: furniture and fittingsdescription
12.1 office furniture and fittings
12.2 chairs and armchairs
12.3 scholastic furniture and fittings
12.4 fittings for scholastic and scientific laboratories
12.5 cupboard safes
12.6 safes and safe boxes
12.7 curtains upholstery and such like
12.8 bathroom fittings
12.9 technical office fittings
12.10 metallic shelves and furnitureCategory

n. 13: spare parts and material of use for office machines and informatic equipmentdescription
13.1 toner cartridges and ribbons for office machines
13.2 spare parts for office machines
13.3 material of use and spare parts for informatic equipmentCategory

n. 14: services of composition and graphic preparationdescription
14.1 lithography
14.2 bookbinding
14.3 copying - photocopying
14.4 serigraphy
14.5 heliography - xerocopy - radix
14.6 plastifying
14.7 plotting  - scanning and vettorizingCategory

n. 15: maintenance services - repair and technical asistance description
15.1 for furniture and fittings
15.2 for office machines
15.3 for informatic equipment
15.4 for software
15.5 for electric equipment
15.6 for plumbing and thermoplumbing equipment
15.7 for telephone equipment
15.8 for environment survey and control
15.9 for topographic surveys
15.10 for measurement and weighing
15.11 for audiovisual and photographic equipment
15.12 for cupboard safes and safes
15.13 for air conditioners and acclimatizers
15.14 for gates - doors and automatic doors
15.15 for interphone - intercom and videointercom
15.16 for security and alarm devices
15.17 for upholstery
15.18 for laundries
15.19 for buildingsCategory

n. 16: hiring servicesdescription
16.1 hiring of vehiclesCategory

n. 17: cleaning services and waste removaldescription
17.1 services and office cleaning
17.2 disinfection - disinfestations - deratting - sanitazation
17.3 waste collection and removalCategory

n. 18: printing servicesdescription
18.1 printing of headed paper - envelopes and cards of one or more colours
18.2ptinting of books - fliers - pamphlets of one or more colours
18.3 self-adhesive notesCategory

n. 19: software and informatic proceduresdescription
19.1 office software 
19.2 informatic systemsCategory

n. 20: various - supply of goods and services ot classified elsewheredescription
20.1 insurances
20.2 regeneration of consumable for office machines
20.3 supply of services not classified elsewhere
20.4 supply of goods not classified elsewhere