Further Business Opportunities

All NCISS requirements for goods and services which are procured through competitive bidding procedures are advertised on the NCIA web-site:


Potential Bidders must come from one of the 28 NATO Member Nations.

All NCI Agency business opportunities are announced on the Bulletin Board, categorized by procurement method.

International Competitive Bidding (ICB) is the standard procurement method, and competitions following this procedure are formally announced on the Bulletin Board by a so-called Notification of Intent (NOI). The NOI which contains details on the evaluation method, procurement timelines and technical requirements can be downloaded directly from the Bulletin Board. All nominations in respect of ICBs need to be processed by potential Bidders through their National Authorities or National Delegations to NATO, who will provide the requisite Declaration of Eligibility (DoE) enabling the NCI Agency to include the company to the Bidders List.

Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA) competitions, used primarily for the procurement of COTS products and services, are only open to companies who have a signed and activated BOA with the NCI Agency. Under the BOA Programme, the NCI Agency generates an initial Bidders List from the BOA Criteria profile submitted by all BOA companies. The Bulletin Board will provide an opportunity for BOA Suppliers to check whether they appear on this initial Bidders List and to register otherwise. BOA Suppliers on the initial Bidders List will be notified electronically.

More information about the BOA Programme and how to register a BOA can be found on NCI AGENCY web site BOA page.

Alliance Operations and Missions (AOM) is a procurement method applied to contracts supporting deployed forces in ISAF and KFOR. Under this procedure, the NCI Agency can use the standard IC.

Invitations for Bidding (NCISS LATINA) are business opportunities with an estimated financial scope between 40,000 EUR and 160,000 EUR, currently specifically used by the NCISS Acquisition branch. Vendors need to express their interest in receiving the relevant bidding documents, referring to the specific bid number. Firms interested in a particular bid must follow the instructions as outlined in the Solicitation of Expression of Interest (SOI).

Requests for Quote (RFQ, NCISS) are solicitations for the procurement of small valued goods and services with an estimated financial scope of less than 40,000 EUR. In order to be included on the bidders list, vendors need to register with the NCI Agency, NCISS LATINA, as described above.