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9/11 Remembrance at the NCISS


Following a NCISS tradition also this year staff and students of the NCISS held a minute of silence to mark the 16th anniversary of the terrorist attaks in the United States, remembering those who died as well as those who have given their lives since, during the world`s fight against international terrorism. The silence was conducted at 08:46 New York time, thus 14:46 Italian (local) time, the time of the first plane hit the north tower of the World Trade Centre. The picture shows the NCISS Commandant, Col Paulo Nunes together with the NCISS Chief of Staff, LTC Dietmar Hübel, both attending also in their function of the Portuguese respective the German Senior National Representative (SNR) at the NCISS, framed by the other SNRs of the School, together representing the six nations (France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, United Kingdom and United States) which currently set the military personnel of the NCISS, Latina.


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