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Preparing Alliance Cyber Defenders


NCISS Latina continues maintaining their C4ISR Training for Federated Mission Network and Partner customers at the cutting edge. A select group of military and civilian expert instructors attended the Cisco Cybersecurity Operations training conducted by Europa Networking. We take pride in our graduates being the first trained in Europe! This intensive curriculum prepares Cyber Security Analysts for threat-centric, proactive Security Operations Center operations. Graduates learn and use state of the art standards and tools to investigate the most modern attack vectors and malicious behaviours. For the instructors this is but one major step in their continued Cisco Certified Academy and/or Systems Istructor training paths. The specialist instructor teams continue improving their knowledge and skills in network and endpoint threat, intrusion, data and event analysis, and incident response and handling. Based on their collective decades of experience in NATO and National C4ISR they will now develop, enhance and adapt NCISS training for our C4ISR and Federated Mission Networking (FMN) Customer community for Cyber and CIS Security. The advanced training will enable Customer Operators to proactively defend static, deployable, and deployed C4ISR services in the dynamic threat environments faced, today. Do stay abreast with the NCISS trainig offerings and your Training Coordinator for upcoming update.


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