Nomination Procedures

The management, allocation and administration of students at NCISS is controlled through a web-based database, Studaba. Authorised Unit Training Coordinators (TCs) are provided with credentials to log-on and manage their students. Students requiring training should contact their TC who will submit requests in to the system.

As a reminder to Unit TCs:

Seats are allocated to units according to priorities detailed in the Catalogue of Training available on the agency's website ( If you are not allocated a seat, your bid is still outstanding or you are on the waiting list you can request a higher consideration based on your justification by sending an email to Training Control Group (TCG) NCIA E&T SL at . If accepted then we will allocate a fixed seat on the course.

Unit TCs are required to assign students to seats as soon as possible but in any case before the 7 week point. Unit TCs who are allocated WL entries can also load prospective students. At the 7 week point TCs will receive notification that they have unfilled seats and they should fill them as a matter of priority.

At the 6 week point any remaining unfilled seats will be removed from that unit and re-allocated from the waiting list, from outstanding bids or from new bids received, in that order. Unit TCs will be advised of available seats and may submit bids for those seats if they do not have an outstanding bid or have a seat on the waiting list.

At the 4 week point, depending on the number of confirmed students, the training providers in consultation with various agencies may cancel that class/iteration. It is most important to understand that, although your student may be confirmed, there is still the possibility that the class will be cancelled. We therefore advise units not to make final travel arrangements until the 4 week point.

Units that no longer require a seat that is allocated to them should 'turn back' that allocated seat as soon as possible to allow for its re-allocation to waiting units. You can do this by mail to at any time throughout the year, you need not wait until the 7 week point.

Students loaded on to courses are confirmed by training admin staff and a confirmation email is auto-generated and sent to student and TC. Students can download copy of the Joining Instructions in the 'download' section of this website. All other information for students is available under general information.

The above-described procedures will be reviewed on a regular basis. Comments and/or proposals are not only welcome; they form the necessary basis for improvement.