Local area - The Territory


Latina is approximately 75 km southeast of Rome and the School is some 6 km northwest of the town center. It is in the middle of a large flat area (Pianura Pontina), which was a swamp in the old times, between the Monti Lepini in the East (about 12-14 km) and about 8-12 km from the beaches (Lido di Latina). The city is a middle-sized town (population 125.000). It has a growing economy and is becoming increasingly prosperous with good shops and restaurants.

The Climate

During the high summer months (June - August) the temperature ranges from 25 to 29 C° throughout the day, rising at times into the end-30s C° (end 90s F°). During these months, the relative humidity in Latina is high and there is occasional rainfall that can be heavy. Temperatures fall to near or just below freezing point in November-February, although mid-day temperatures can be about 17 C° (62.6 F°). Most of the annual rainfall occurs during October - March.

Culture and Recreation

Several concerts and other cultural events take place throughout the year at the city theatre (Palazzo della Cultura). In the summer an international music festival with classical concerts is hosted at the Castle of Sermoneta. Various folklore events take place all over the province of Latina. Details are published by the Personnel Affairs office.

For more detailed information on the area, there is an Information point opposite the City Hall in Piazza del Popolo with local tourist literature and assistance.

Every Tuesday morning, a popular street market takes place in the vicinity of Victoria Residence Palace and each day of the week, street markets take place in nearby towns. Latina boasts two main shopping malls, Centro Morbella and Latina Fiori.Typical affordable products range from food items to clothes, ceramics, jewellery, wines and arts and craft objects.