Although entry into Italy with NATO travel orders and a military ID Card is authorized, a passport is recommended. It is essential when travelling through non-NATO countries (e.g. Austria, Switzerland).


Students travelling by car must possess a valid driving license and insurance Green Card. Speed limits are in force on all roads (90 km/h on normal roads, 130 km/h on the Autostrada). Useful instructions can also be found on Internet: (e.g. see Running lights are to be switched on while travelling on major roads.

For further information contact PANDA Section.
In case of emergency whilst on the road:

1. On the highways, use emergency telephones available at intervals. ( see here )

2. Off the AutoRoute, dial 803 116 for mechanical assistance (Automobile Club Italia) for road information. This service is provided also in English, French and German.

3. General emergencies (Police coordination) : 112 Carabinieri or 113 Police

4. Health emergencies : 118


The closest railway station to NCISS is Latina (locally known as Latina Scalo), some 8 km northeast of Latina centre. It is located on the Rome-Naples line.

IMPORTANT ! Before boarding the train you must time-stamp / validate your ticket in one of the yellow machines at the head of the platform.

From Rome:  The journey from Roma Termini to Latina normally takes 40-60 minutes (fare: approx. € 3,50 2nd class), depending on the type of train (for instance the cost for Intercity Trains (IC) the cost is approx. 11,00 €). Ensure beforehand, by referring to the train timetable displayed in front of the platforms, that the train is scheduled to stop at Latina, as many trains run non-stop to Formia-Naples. Interpreters are normally available in the Information Office located in the main hall of the Roma Termini station. The last train from Termini to Latina leaves at 22:30. In any case, for updated time schedules and tickets price, please refer to Trenitalia website

From Naples: Travelling from the south of Italy, take a Naples-Rome train. Ensure that the train is scheduled to stop at Latina as many trains run non-stop to Rome.

Train schedule. The train schedule is provided as a hyperlink. Due to the winter schedule / summer schedule change times might vary slightly. Please note that some trains do not run on Sundays.

From Latina Railway Station (Latina) to the Hotel or School.

As the civilian buses to Latina rarely pass the Hotel or the School, taxi transportation to reach the accommodation is required.

Taxi services close completely between 2400 hrs and 0500 hrs, however, night service can be booked beforehand. Taxi fares are subject to night and/or holiday increases. Normal fare to the school/hotel is approximately € 25,00.

Military transport exist from Latina Train Station to the School, which time schedule is available here. On Sunday nights a military bus may available at Latina Train Station after 22.30 upon preliminary reservation, which can be done by calling the duty personnel at the following fixed land line numbers +39.0773677006 or +39.0773677418 or at the mobile +39.3315786954.


The closest civilian airports are Rome International Airport, "Leonardo da Vinci" at Fiumicino, about 25 km west of Rome and Ciampino, about 15 km southeast of Rome. Rome Airports

1. From Fiumicino to Roma Termini. After passing through customs, follow the signs "Railway Station". You will find yourself on the top floor of the airport. There are half-hourly connections from the Airport to Roma Termini, the ride lasts half an hour. After arrival at Roma Termini, proceed as described in "Travel by Rail".

2. From Ciampino to Roma Termini. A combined Bus/Metro service is available from Ciampino Airport to Roma Termini. After arrival at Roma Termini, proceed as described in "Travel by Rail".

3. From the Airports to Latina by rental car. Major car rental agencies are available at the airports. Follow the signs to "Autonoleggio" (rent-a-car) to take you to the car rental offices.

4. A normal taxi fare to Roma Termini should be approx. € 45,00 from Fiumicino or Ciampino. To Latina the price should be approximately € 130,00.

Do not do business with "unofficial" taxis!

5. There is a shuttle service from Roma Termini and Ciampino Airport and back. The shuttle leaves from Via Marsala ( a road on one side of the train station) and the cost is app. 8 €.

For further information, please check here.