Vendor Registration Form

NCISS Latina has established a List of Suppliers as an instrument for the identification of the Firms qualified for the provision of goods and services for an amount not exceeding EFL Lev. D (2016: € 160.000).
The present notice is published for firms who would like to be inserted in the NCISS List of Suppliers and refers to an "open" List of Suppliers, for which there are no time limits for the submission of requests.
For this reason the interested Firms can download relative forms and instructions and sent completely filled to the following address:


NCISS Latina,
Strada Chiesuola n. 78, 04010 Borgo Piave (LT).

The NCISS Latina list of suppliers is provided for information purposes only. The source selection and the Invitation for International Bidding/Proposal procedures are conducted by NCISS in accordance with the Procurement policies, directive and procedures established by the governing NCI AGENCY. Hence, it is to be noted that insertion in the List of Suppliers does not constitute the right to gain the provision of supplies, work and services.

For those firms interested in business with NCI Agency, All NCI Agency business opportunities are announced on the Bulletin Board, categorized by procurement method.For more information you can visit the specific part of NCI Agency Website at the following link:

For any further information, please contact us.